Payment and documents

You will automatically receive the identity card and the certificate of adoption of the cow at the email address you entered in the form.


Yes, you can. You only have to write an e-mail at info@adottaunamucca.com to ask for the bank details.

The organization needs 5 working days (after the credit transfer) to prepar all the documents.

At the Alpine farm and products' collection

Yes, almost all farms are reachable by car. Some have asphalted roads, others are partially unpaved.

Others are reachable only on foot.

No, this is not possible.

The adoption certificate, which is sent by email together with the cow’s identity card.

Yes, as long as he has the adoption certificate to deliver to the farmer.

If the products are not collected by September 15th, the €50 will be donated to charity and local development projects. It will not be possible to postpone the adoption to next year.

Yes, if agreed with the farmer and in any case not after the deadline (September 15th).

All dairy products available in the mountain farm at that moment (milk, yogurt, ricotta, tosella, more or less aged cheeses, butter, etc.)

Some farms also have rooms, which must however be booked in advance, given the limited number of beds they have.

No, it’s not possible for hygienic reasons.

This possibility must be agreed with the farmer based on inside the spaces of the farm. Keep in mind that the first milking is at dawn and the second in the late afternoon.

Yes, “Dawn at the Alpine farm” and “Farmer for a day” are two of them (more info on www.visitvalsugana.it)

No, the cows at the end of Summer are brought back to the stables on the valley floor and they do not all belong to the same farmer.


The aim of the project is to encourage the life of grazing cows, so that they can produce high quality milk, with particular organoleptic characteristics based on the type of pasture.


Yes, we have some cute gadgets, such as baby t-shirts, color pencils, mugs, breakfast placemats, etc. They are all on sale at our information offices.

Yes. The adoption is symbolic and the same cow can be adopted by different people.